Frequently asked questions

What is included in the fees?

At Little Champs, we include all freshly prepared nutritious meals, snacks and drinks in your childcare fees. We also supply your child with a Little Champs bag when they start with us. We do not supply nappies and wipes; you will need to provide these for your child.

What is the method of payment?

All fees are payable on the 1st of the month ideally by standing order or childcare vouchers. If you have any questions about payments or queries on what help might be available then please ring the nursery and speak to finance.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We have in the past accepted vouchers from many different companies. Please contact us for further information if you would like to pay by childcare vouchers.

Do I have to pay for bank holidays and sickness?

We do not charge for bank holidays. However we do reserve the right to charge for any additional bank holidays that are declared. Dates at Christmas may vary. We do not offer any refunds for family holidays or sickness.

Do I have to pay for the settling in sessions?

Once we have the available sessions you require, we will offer you three, free settling in sessions which can be arranged at your convenience. These sessions are intended to encourage your child to settle into their new environment and become comfortable with the staff they will grow to know and love. These short visits are just enough for them to become familiar and leave them wanting more ready for the next time they visit.

What meals do you provide? What if my child can’t eat certain foods?

The nursery has a well equipped kitchen and a fulltime cook who freshly prepares food for the children each day. We have a rolling four week menu that is well balanced with delicious and nutritious foods on offer. On application for a place we ask you to provide information of dietary requirements and/or allergies to ensure individual needs are catered for.

What ratio of staff to children is there?

Our ratio’s are in accordance with Ofsted guidelines, the ratios at little champs are:

  • 18mths - 2yrs 1:3
  • 2yrs - 3yrs 1:4
  • 3yrs – 5yrs 1:8 (1:13 for qualified level 6 practitioners)

Are your staff all qualified?

The majority of our staff hold a degree level qualification or a level 3 childcare qualification. Supporting staff development is important to us so we do have at least one member of staff working towards gaining level 3 qualifications. We also accept students on college placements from time to time. The students are not included in the ratios. All staff are subject to an enhanced DBS check and references are sought.

Do children go on outings?

When numbers allow we do use the local area for outings. We take children on walks, a trip to the shops, park and local library. In all instances additional parental consent is required, forms are filled out and risk assessments are completed before departure.

Will a particular member of staff look after my child?

Every child at Little Champs is allocated a key person who will get to know the child and their family. This special person will help your child settle into the nursery, supporting them socially and emotionally. They will track your child’s development, and keep you well informed about your child’s day and progress. All our nursery practitioners work well as a team and are welcoming and approachable. They care about all the children in our nursery and will make sure your child enjoys their time at Nursery.

What if my child is ill or has an accident?

If your child becomes ill whilst at nursery we will contact you to let you know. All children have a runny nose at times. We are more than happy for your child to still attend. If your child has a communicable illness such as diarrhoea/sickness an exclusion of 48hrs applies.

If your child is prescribed a medicine we are more than happy to administer it at nursery. We do ask for the child to be kept away from nursery for the first 24 hours after taking the medicine in case of reaction. Forms will need to be completed before we can administer the medicine.

We care about all our children and like to know if they are going to be absent from nursery due to illness. It’s also important for us to know why a child is off to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

We make all staff aware of the accident policy and we keep our first aid training up-to-date. If your child is ever involved in an accident, staff will tell you and will ask you to sign an accident form when you collect your child. In the unlikely event of a serious injury we will immediately tell you if your child needs medical attention.

What if my child needs extra help?

We want to be able to help your child reach their full potential. We will work collaboratively with parents and other professionals to ensure the needs of your child are met. We have a member of staff allocated to the role of Inclusion Manager who will work with you to make sure that any additional help your child might need is implemented and supported.

How do I know my child will be secure at your nursery?

Our setting is fully secured with the use of a coded door and maglock system. The doors can only be opened by a staff member who knows the code, which is also regularly changed. The lobby area is also linked to an intercom system with a view window, so that any unauthorized persons can be spoken to without opening the door. When the children are using the outside area, the outside perimeter gates are locked and chained to add maximum security to the building. A walkie-talkie system is used to communicate between staff inside and staff outside. This ensures staff know exactly where children are and where visitors are. All visitors are required to write in the visitor’s book to ensure full authorization into the building. If you are unable to collect your child, you must inform a member of staff and the password system would be operated to ensure complete security.

Can I see your Policies and Procedures?

The full operational plans including risk assessments can be found at the nursery. Please feel free to request to look at the policies and procedures when you come to visit the nursery and feel free to ask any questions regarding these.