Free entitlement funding

3-4 year olds

When can my child start free Nursery Education?
Your child becomes eligible for free Government funded sessions from the start of the school term after their third birthday.

How many funded hours can my child have?
The free entitlement offers all 3-4 year olds 570 hours a year of free childcare. This is spread across three funding blocks. At little champs we offer 11 hours a week 52 weeks a year.

How do I claim the free entitlement funding?
Parents and guardians can claim free entitlement funding by signing a declaration form at the beginning of each term. Little Champs will provide you with the declaration form. Once complete, Little Champs then claims on behalf of the parents for the number of sessions their child will be attending. The local authority then pays the funding directly to us. Your fees will be reduced on your invoice to reflect the number of free hours you wish your child to receive. For each term claim, a child must be in attendance at the nursery on or before the term headcount date. The headcount date is a specific date usually towards the beginning of each term advised by the Local Education Authority. Children must be in attendance to be able to claim for that term.

Can I use the entitlement across two settings?
The answer is yes, but you must not exceed the maximum amount of hours each year. Parents must declare on the declaration form that you are claiming hours elsewhere.

2 year old funding

If your child is 2 years old they also may be able to claim the same amount of free government funded sessions. In order to claim the funding certain criteria need to be met first. Up to date Information on 2 year old funding in our area and an eligibility tracker can be found at www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/2yearfunding. Alternatively please feel free to contact Little Champs on 01933 442639 and ask to speak to finance. We will happily explain to you how to claim 2 year old funding.